DIAMONDS - Pure THCA Crystals

Are you guys familiar with Diamonds?

> 99% Pure THC

The best way to make use of Diamonds is to mix it with less potent Extracts or other Cannabis products. Maybe with our competitors products? LOL Just joking :). It does also lack the Terpenes which provides the Scent and Flavor, so that's another reason to use it as an additive.

It's a pure THCA not THC product, so it MUST be Combusted or Vaped to take effect.

We just worked out a pretty solid deal on some Great White Shark Diamonds. I was a bit excited to tell you guys before I got working on putting it on our site... for you Concentrate lovers.

Honestly, they are quite new to me and as some of you may already know, most extracts are already to strong pour moi haha. Our extract people have been nothing but great to us, so having the opportunity to provide a product that they just simply smiled about as he gave us the information.. Well, it was pretty exciting! We have very "high".... expectations on this product. I'd be super pumped to hear about what you guys think and give yur own review, especially from the seasoned Extract Vets.

Alright, back to work for me, gonna get this product up for sale!

If you have any questions, you guys should already know, I'm available 24/7 [email protected] or 1 833 KINGS 99