Good evening guys and gals,

Here's a sneak peak at another brand new amazing product that we have in stock. I just sent to my web guys to post on the site. Here's the write up:

Are you familiar with the acronym HTFSE? It stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. HTFSE is a result of carrying out a long slow and low vacuum purge at low temperatures on solvent extracts made from high quality Cannabis flowers such as the Death Bubba used this time. The Cannabis flower must have a high percentage of Terpenes. This process can take 3 WEEKS OR LONGER! The oil separates, with the THCA separating from the solution and crystallizing to form something that looks like Diamonds swimming in a honey-like golden liquid. The THCA content will be between 50% - 55% and the Terpenes 13% - 25%. These are the key features that need to be known about Death Bubba HTFSE: It's a FULL SPECTRUM product, which means the whole plant is used in this process. It has a very high Terpene content, so you can expect a lot of aroma and flavour. All of these are very important but maybe the most important of all is that it contains THCA, which need to be combusted or vaped to turn into THC, which will give the desired effect that you're looking for.

For the seasoned Cannabis Extract lover, try adding a little DIAMONDS to your HTFSE and get ready to take flight!

Pricing will be

1/2 gram @ $39
1 gram @ $75
3.5 gram @ $229

It's a pretty new and exciting product to add to the shop! We hope we can get some reviews on it soon. We have sold some of the Diamonds already to a few of you... I have SUPER HIGH expectations on that product for sure!