Distillate or Flyte

Hi everyone, I’m looking for either raw distillate and/or Flyte cartridges. I used to order from Chrono, but have recently switched to other sites that don’t require uploading ID. With all the breaches and US border stuff, not sure I want to upload. Any Info would be appreciated.

Re: Distillate or Flyte

The US border wont be looking at etransfers to illegal moms, they have access to your cc statement, which they are checking for purchases of legal weed. No need to worry, and if a mom requires ID, just black out any info they dont need, in general anything other than name and age is not necessary.

As for the products, dear god stop inhaling FLyte. They are the most garbage carts on the market. HSP's honey oil is getting some attention, and for good reason, it's great. Easiest and cheapest way though is to get yourself some shatter and a bottle of PG and make your own liquid.

Re: Distillate or Flyte

Sarapokemonmaster wrote:
Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:51 pm
I haven’t been able to get to HSP site from the mom list, is thenewhsp.com the same ?
There's a 20% code available to new members as well.

They've got prefilled CCell vape carts or syringed oil for filling them yourself such as lab tested Honey Oil.

BTW Flyte recently renamed themselves to "Keyy" due to the public lashing they've been receiving for apparently mixing unwanted filler ingredients with their distillate.