Lucky Extracts Maui Wowie burnt rubber taste

I recently picked up some Lucky Extracts (first time trying them). The first one I tried the "Gelato 33" was nice looked smelled good and tasted great, unfortunately the "Maui Wowie" has a burnt hair/rubberish tatse to it, It also
looks great and has a good smell to it. I haven't tried the "Alien OG" yet that I also picked up, the only time I have only encountered this tatse is in very low end trim (if that) run product. Has any one else encountered this problem with Lucky Extacts or any other shatter ?

(Doing low temp dabs and also through a vape pen on mid range temp setting and lower)

Re: Lucky Extracts Maui Wowie burnt rubber taste

Usually when shatter has that kind of burnt rubber/tire taste, it means there is still butane in it. This is likely because it wasn't purged properly or long enough. I have only ever had this happen once and it was Quantum Extracts. I'd look for different shatter if I were you. Unless this was just the one gram that had the flavour I wouldn't personally be dabbing it.

Check out West Coast Cannabis. They have some decent budder for $25/g they also have great deals on shatter.