Good day members,

We have a fancy special on right now on some Shatter that happens to fall on Shatterday!

Rockstar and God's Green Crack

1g @ $24 (reg $32)
3.5g @ $79 (reg $99)
7g @ $139 (reg $189)
14g @ $259 (reg $369)
28g @ $499 (reg $699)

This is an outstanding deal on some excellent Shatter.

Better news for NEW MEMBERS. New Members receive an automatic 10% discount of their first order and that 10% discount WILL APPLY to the sale price! So, if you are the Shatter type and have been considering trying out King Tuts, is there a better time to give us the opportunity?

Check out the sale extracts we have on sale here:

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Re: SHATTERDAY - King Tuts

We restocked on a bunch more GGC shatter, that moved fast! We bought a bunch and decided to keep the sale going :)

A few were asking when it would be back in stock and it is.

Hope to hear your reviews! I'm quite sure that you would enjoy it at any price, let a lone a big discount.