- Terrible customer service, wrong order, and more.

So...a little over a week a go, I ordered 2 oz of one of my favourite varieties of cannabis via . With the current postal strikes, I expected a delay, which did happen.

Regardless; today, I got my order...almost.

The week plus wait was enough to ramp up my anticipation for one of my all time fav. varieties, and the extra oz of blueberry I ordered (because why not?). When it arrived, I tore open the package like a kid on Christmas, only to feel like I got the lump of coal. The blueberry arrived as expected, labeled as Blueberry, but wasn't actually blueberry, I later found out. It was "Blueberry Kush" that was advertised as Blueberry.

Whatever, not a big deal.

I would have loved to get that OG DJ Short foxtail, but whatever...I was still willing to look past it. Next, as my neck hair started to stand up with anticipation, i pulled out another zip, expecting it to be one of 2 of my coveted Sweettooth packs, and this is where the serious disappointment started to happen. It wasn't what I ordered, it was a kind called G13 that I have zero fcking interest in at all. Responsibly, I immediately tried to contact the shipper.

Firstly, their website is broken. When you press their contact form's "SEND" button, an animated icon appears, that we all know as a variant of the "spinning wheel of doom" , 2 arrows chasing each other in an endless circle [jerk] forever. The page was done loading...the arrows were still there. 5 minutes later. Soooo...I reloaded the page, repeated the process, hit "SEND"....same result. What I didn't know was that regardless of the broken page, my messages were actually going through, so I sent them *this*...probably 5 times or so:

For the next hour I tried to find an alternate method of contact, and in doing so, discovered that many of their social media accounts are now deactivated, and their twitter is re-posting minecraft and roblox vids. By the time I found their deactivated pinterest account I got my first response.
Sounds good, right..? That's what I thought too.

To be continued after this meeting...

Postscript - i am still e-mailing back and forth with their team trying to sort this out.