Have done over 20 orders with Tony and CW, no issues, just looking to try elsewhere in same price range. Have tried GetKush also a couple times.
Between 8 of us here at work we get a hp, 8 strains, we each pick "our" strain then we mix and trade off with eachother so we all usually end up with 4 different q's. CW and GetKush are perfect because we get HP's coming in at 800-850 with 8 strains, and some pretty decent AAA smoke that none of us complain about (so long as we stick in the $180+ an oz range with CW stuff seems fine) And I gotta admit, its pretty damn fun when the order comes in, we quickly weigh each oz up into q's then let the trading begin LOL its like an old school hockey card trade show... ill give you a pink kush for a blueberry, hey I want a death bubba ill give you a Northern Lights for one of yours. then we all blaze one and off we go until the next order

Looking for bulk moms, 8 different strain hp's, 800-900 dollar range


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Thehighclub also welcome10 for 10% off on top of the mixnmatch

Bulkweedinbox I think someones code is firstorder10 for 10% off. Ordered from them last month, ordered from the high club today. Almost went with getkush but liked the strains better at high club.

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Wholesale monkey i been using for a while but seems like they fell off thats why i made the top mom post. Pacific Cannabis is decent too been using them as my main they got a bunch of full ps from like 1100-1500, would be nice if they had more higher end stuff they only got like 1-2 above 1700. Gonna make a review on them shortly if it'll help. Bought some OZ from CannaWholesaler and MyGreenSolutions since someone suggested it to me!

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dbud wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:22 am
crossjoint wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:18 am
Bought some OZ from CannaWholesaler and MyGreenSolutions since someone suggested it to me!
How were they?
Just made the order today, Black nuken & Durban Poison from canna. White Shark og & purple space cookies from green.
Canna had decent selection hope the smoke is good too.
Greensolution didn't really have bulk prices unless i couldn't find it but wanted to try a bit of their strains anyways

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dbud wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:29 am
Nice =) I like Canna's selection too but I haven't seen their bud. Not many reviews for them.

I might DM you later this week to see how it is. :mrgreen:
Yea forsure! I didn't really like thegreensolution website it didn't really entice me for some reason if you know what i mean. I just hope Canna's quality can match Pacific's prices. I ordered AAA+ from Canna which would be like $!700 a LB...