Weird question

I just had a weird thought as I was reading the comparison thread in the review between SG and KT. Would you think MoMs buy off each others sites just to see what the competitors are putting out there? I know they don’t need the weed but not every restaurant worker eats where they work.

Re: Weird question

I bought from a few other MOM's before starting our site to try them out. I also recently purchased something when I wanted some product that we don't carry for myself and some family/friends. No harm in it and I enjoy supporting others and see their procedures. I feel that in this industry there's plenty of customers to go around and for the most part us MOM's aren't negative towards each other. I've only had pleasant dealings with other MOM's :shamrock:

Re: Weird question

I've def bought before we started our own and like Shammrock said - i'd also buy if someone had something we didnt that i really wanted.

In fact, we kinda wanna take it a step further in the near future and would love to get some of our in-house strains in other MOM's (like our Pink Gelato and Bazooka Joe and others)