Black Cap Cannacans two strain review

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Blackcap Cannacans (IG only)
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Contact: ... 9bsmis42tm

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Ordering was easy, with fair prices, and they are very friendly and helpful! They help you find what you need. Paid with a etransfer, the packages are shipped express


Always active on IG, they will get back to you as soon as they can


All bud comes in half ounce cans, that are vacuumed sealed, inside of a box, inside a shipping envelope. No smell whatsoever

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Gelato 8/10
A wonderful sweet, dank, woody smell hits you as soon as you pop the can. The buds are not too dense, and have great visual appeal. You can see some purple hues, with bright orange pistils that are completely frosted. The cure and flush on these plants is outstanding, they have a wonderful fresh smell that makes your mouth water.

The dank, sweet, woody flavour that came through in my bong was wonderful, with an Indica leaning high, but not over powering. The burn was very clean, extremely smooth with white ash as expected. Overall a nice hybrid high, but for those people that don’t like Indicas, this might be a bit too strong. Vaping brings out the expected citrus flavours of Gelato, more like lemon candies with the high being a bit more potent. A nice all day smoke, AAA+

Green Crack 8.5/10
This can was an awesome surprise! The smell is sweet, citrusy, and woody, it just wakes up your taste buds. The buds are dense and have a wonderful trim, with a frosty look and some amazing looking pistils . My can was full of big healthy nuggets, with a wonderful cure and very clean smelling.

The buds exploded in my grinder, the smoke out of my bong was creamy smooth, no roughness whatsoever. A nice, clean sweet, woody smoke with light grey/white ash , again, just a very nice flush. The high is straight up Sativa, nice and clear headed, can go about my day without crashing. It is potent though, after my first bong hit a bit of euphoria set it, wonderful in the mornings!

Vaping brought out the citrus flavour, something that was lost in the bong. The high is a bit more potent this way, it will make you sit down if you over do it. I keep on going for it throughout the day, it has become a favourite Sativas in my stash. It does keep me up at night, so this is a perfect daytime weed for me, I believe this bud to be in the AAA+/AAAA- area, very good

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-wonderfully cured and flushed bud
-wide selection
-concentrates will be coming soon
-weed worth buying

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None, just passing on the word
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Re: Black Cap Cannacans two strain review

chuchon06 wrote:
Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:39 pm
Thanks fam!!! Took some pointers from you guys! Lol
Haha, we took endless pointers from OGs like StonerSteve and Blzd before we even thought about doing a formal review project. So while some ppl unfortunately will always view things as a "competition" I have always said that nothing would make me happier than seeing more serious, helpful user-generated reviews in the community - more the merrier as we elevate our expectations of Canadian cannabis as we go =)