King Tuts - Liberty Haze, Chocolope, LSD, Nuken Live Resin, Tuts Shatter

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Package/shipping -

In a standard bag with a single opaque vacuum seal layer containing all of the other products which are also vacuum sealed–the 14 just in vacuum pack and the 7 grams in black baggies. The live resin came in a jar, and the shatter came in a King Tut branded baggie wrapped in parchment paper. As is the King’s style, a free banana rolling paper was included, which makes the entire package smell like banana.

Perks for you -
There’s a 10% new customer code, points accumulation for repeat customers, regular sales on predictable sale days (next one will probably be 4/20, I hear something crazy about how KT coins might ((no promises, this is hearsay)) be worth twice as much for those who have some accumulated...), and an affiliate program to earn real actual money which can be cashed out as money or weed.

Perks for me -
This wasn't a review package, but it was still free. I used KT coins and affiliate dollars earned from people signing up through my King Tuts affiliate code down in the shill factory to order this package! I was under no obligation to review this package but I'm doing so anyway because I review all of my cannabis now. :)

Customer Service -
The King is a customer servicing superstar. Even though I was getting free weed from them from my affiliate account, he still took great care of me. Although that might be because this means I’ve sent them a few nice customers. =P
Bud -
Liberty Haze AAA 7/10

Absurdly flavorful and an excellent balanced sativa high. Whatever is crossed into the Haze lineage makes it taste slightly less like cat pee. Didn’t make me turn into an American, but it did free up some of my brain processing power. LIBERTYYYYY! Grinding it releases the smell without opening the grinder. This is pungent, eye-watering weed. It does kind of leave my mouth feeling like it has a ‘skin’ of the aftertaste coating my tongue. Smokes to a light gray ash.

Thin Mint AAA 6.5/10
All tiny buds, which is a bit of a nuisance. In the vape the flavor isn’t that remarkable, and smoked, it reminds me of both mint and foliage, so less of a mint cookies experience and more of a freshly picked mint from the garden experience, and in that handful you also got some basil and some parsley and some grass and some marijuana. I think I’d really like a quad example of this strain. It smokes down to a dark gray ash which was better filtered through water than alone in a pipe.

Chocolope AAA 7.5/10
Nice chunky buds. Chocolate and coffee aromatics. Not the best Chocolope I’ve had but very good for the price. After I got it they dropped it to $99 per ounce (second time that’s happened! I get a KT product and a few days later it goes on sale! AAH) and it’s likely all gone by now. So why gush about bygones. :(

LSD AAA 6/10
Smells EXACTLY like lemon. A bit on the fluffy/dry side, not so bad it crumbles, but it’s easy to finger bust. The aromatics are nice, but not so intense one could use it as a car freshener. The vapor has a bit of a course lung feel with a heating influence, and exhaling through my nose reminds me of lemon cough drops. While it tasted nice, and the flavor held out in the vape for a decent amount of time, I didn’t love the high, which only heightened my anxiety and made my head feel like it was lurching, its effects breeching into psychedelic and definitely a bit paranoia. Smokes down to white ash and leaves the inside of my mouth feeling like I blew Mr Clean. This was only a sample, and I don’t think I’d elect to get more.

Concentrates -
King Tuts shatter - 7.7/10

Golden with a proper snap to it, an acceptable amount of flavor though unfortunately that flavor reminds me of soap, gets me good and high. It’s a decent product for the price, easy to manage and a clean vapor.

Nuken Live Resin - 8.5/10
Flavorful lemon/pine/earth notes which remind me a bit of polishing furniture. The high can go one way or the other depending on what my body needs, sometimes it’s more cerebral, sometimes more body, it’s an interesting balance. I think this is a great, well priced concentrate I can see myself buying again.

In closing: King Tuts has an amazing range of products for medical, recreational, super powered highs, edible, topical, head shop stuff... I'm always happy with a KT package and I'm very impressed with how far they've come and how much they continue to apply feedback, criticism, and the continued needs of the community to their growing range. Of course I think you should try King Tuts and do so using my URL from the shill factory if you feel so inclined.

Thanks for the awesome package, KT.

Re: King Tuts - Liberty Haze, Chocolope, LSD, Nuken Live Resin, Tuts Shatter

Yeah, I was thinking that I have seen and commented on this one. My memory is the SHITS, so glad you did mention haha.

Maybe you liked the order so much the first time, you simply copied and pasted it again and placed the same order haha

I dunno, my brain is also a bit loopy right now, not much sleep trying to come through on all my hype for the sale :) I hate to look like a fool and or a liar. The hype will be real. We will come through as one of the most aggressive sales during 4/20. That's just the way it's gonna be. Balls to the wall right up until game time on 4/20!

And the Leafs Win? Oh boy :)