My Green Solution - April 2019

My Green Solution

Overall rating out of 10: 3

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Ordering & Pricing:
Popcorn 1oz Pink Rockstar $80, replaced with 1oz Purple OG AAA+ Popcorn $90
Free 1/8th for signing up for the email list

Received an email regarding MGS new popcorn oz. Contacted MGS on discord to get opinions and recommendations on their popcorn ozs. Communication with the rep on discord was very quick and direct, no interest in talking. He actually recommended the Tuna Rockstar. I checked the site again, and saw they had no tuna strains listed at all. Awesome. The pink rockstar looked nice so I have that a try.

Arrived in 2 days in small shipping box. Inside were the Pink Rockstar oz and a sample of Nuken, both in nice branded black mylar bags, vac sealed. Noticed they didn't include the free 1/8th, I send a quick message on discord (not expecting them to send it or anything, just a fyi).

Products / Photos:
Pink Rockstar Popcorn
Opening the bag, I was slapped in the face with utter disappointment. Dry, yellow larf.
Weak smell, bad taste and no buzz.
I emailed them twice, using whatever email addresses I could find - they have no contact information listed on their site anywhere. I finally get a reply on Monday, saying they will ship out the 1/8th and will replace the oz. They send me a new package of Purple OG AAA+ smalls ($10 upgrade) and covered shipping - and including an 1/8th of Nuken.

Purple OG
This stuff showed up with much better bag appeal. It was still a bit sticky and really terpy. Really strong smell off this stuff. The smell is actually a bit strange and I struggled to figure out what was so familiar with it. There was the regular OG and purple flavors, but overall it smells almost exactly like baby formula. Interesting, but not a good smell. I thought this stuff would be a bit better buzz wise, but again very weak. Smoked 3gs in 3 joints back to back and barely felt anything. It almost feels like a nice creeper weed, but it never arrives. It is like when you almost sneeze but it goes away at the last second, and you just feel robbed.

Big light airy, fluffy nugs. Bit leafy with a really loose bud structure. Sticky and terpy. Strong tropical / citrus notes. Very strong taste, like eating orange peels.
Buzz wise was not great, felt a bit in the body and slight head buzz, but like the other products I've had from here, very very short lived.

Incentive for Review:

Not impressed with communication or flower quality. The final straw for me was they deleted my review of the pink rockstar on their site. Completely unacceptable!It was pending approval for a week, and not it is just completely gone.
Much much better options out there

Re: My Green Solution - April 2019

HAYSOLO wrote:
Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:41 am
You can’t expect good quality when you buy a 90/oz popcorn nug weed.........
Either way, the quality did look insanely horrible
But you should be able to expect at least subpar quality for the price though when MGS has a history of selling 80$ oz dubs that people hype up and regard as higher quality such as their Black Roses ( ... cember_23/),
I hope you got a replacement package or something, my friend ordered the Pink Kush popcorn and it looked exactly like their bud pictures, but that stuff just looks disgusting.