Why do you use cannabis ?

I personally smoke to help cope with my borderline personality disorder, indicas help much more then sativas. Pure sativas aggrevate me and make me feel anxious so I tend to smoke only indicas or indica dominant hybrids. Cannabis is the only thing that works for me. Fuck pills, used so many over the years with little to no success to help deal with my bpd.
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Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

I don't really have any justification or good reason for it, other than I enjoy the experience. I'm not a particularly stressed person in life, so I can't blame it on stress, I don't have any medical issues that weed helps with, I just enjoy the taste, the experience, the ritual. I've quit a few times for different reasons and always come back to it. It's been a part of my life since forever (my parents would smoke with my around like it was nothing when I was a kid).

I've always been pretty responsible with my use, I don't smoke much, I don't smoke at work, I try to avoid smoking when I'm going to be with the kids or if I have to drive, etc.

Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

Originally tried smoking weed when I was really young just to try it out, hanging around some older, bad influences.

Picked the habit back up around 16 years old to help me sleep at night when I was only getting an hour or two of sleep per night, and it was effecting my performance in school and in sports, which helped me start sleeping a little more normally and was very helpful to my mental health at the time. Gradually branched out to smoking a little earlier than bed time, and then earlier, and eventually I was wake-n-baking and smoking multiple times daily.
Skip ahead around 6-7 years, and here I am smoking about 3oz weekly, I haven't been put to sleep by any weed related products in a very, very long time and I honestly can't really remember how it feels to not be high 24/7, except for the short window in the mornings where I haven't smoked yet.

Similarly to Sin, my parents smoked with me around constantly. I always knew what it was, and was always pretty curious about it, I was bound to try it eventually.

On a more serious note, fuck pills. I've lost friends to prescription drug abuse.

Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

I started getting curious when as a teen I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep, suicidally depressed, and pretty much unable to participate in life due to chronically being ill and fatigued and if not that, then just too anxious. I loved the idea of a natural cure and tried all kinds of bullshit remedies. Cannabis was often recommended. Since one of my problems was severely out of control asthma I refused to try it until I was offered marijuana oil on a cracker. It was almost immediately helpful when it came to relaxing, so I began to actively seek it out and attempt to discover ways to acquire it without helpful stoner friends (not my scene).

I now sleep great most of the time. I use primarily focus/creativity sativas during my "day", which is to say, whenever I get up until a few hours before I go to bed unless I'm in pain and need some help. These erase my anxiety/depression symptoms and give me the keener attitude I need to get my shit done. I'm high a lot, but subtly high. It doesn't fix everything, but I would say that I feel about 60% better thanks to it?

Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

I used to smoke to get high, but that changed over the decades to use Cannabis to retain my brain function.It is very good for the brain,Those of us that have used Cannabis since the ditch weed days of the 60's, are not getting dementia like everybody else.That is from a Neurologist's lecture.

Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

I would be a liar if I didn't say I enjoy being medicated. Weed helps me cope with severe depression and the stresses of daily life.
38 years since my first toke. Ever since then I have been smoking mostly on with a couple of years I didn't smoke and it seems like the times I didn't smoke life happened to be a much shittier experience for me.

Weed is the grease that helps me slide through life.

Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

Originally i tried it around 9-10 range. Found my mothers and stole it / older friend showed me what it was how to smoke began smoking full time around 13. Soon as i hit gr 7. And since then (30 now) its been a fluxuation on usage depending out life issues / other demons at the least i was around a gram a day and at most (current) im around 4-6 grams a day + .2-.5 of shatter a day i use as a crutch basically as any other drug/alc just depended on life at the time. And as aimordie stated. Idk what “sober” feels like as i smoke from first 5 mins awake - bed but also dont know what getting high is like either 😂 just kinda increases the mood and a subtle feel like a buzz thats almost gone.. working on cutting down to 2 g a day again tho lost its fun 5 years ago now its just a habit

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I'm 27 currently, I didn't smoke until I was just about turning 25 years old due to a ligament being torn from a sport I competed in for almost 7 years. Ended up getting diagnosed with tendonitis due to it on my knee and although I wasn't in too much pain, I was still in pain and I just didn't want to live with that pain every second of every day and although I'm normally one that is completely fine with pain and I live with it to this day because I compete in another combat sport now and my body is always hurting somewhere, this pain was just something I knew I didn't have to live with for such a long time.

Tried to get my family physician who has been my Doctor since the month after I was born and he just refused and offered me multiple prescription pills instead on top of anti-depressants when I told him I also had anxiety which I believed was from being an athlete my entire teenage years and early 20's to being unable to train/compete how I want to temporarily and possibly having to quit my sport (which I did but I found another that doesn't affect my knee nearly as much)

I told him I don't want to put my liver through the gutter by taking this stuff and long story short, I found a doctor would sign my stuff, ended up being able to get weed legally in the beginning before I discovered moms and the first time I smoked weed I was blown away. My entire life I thought people who smoked weed were just lazy, uneducated and needed a crutch. I thought it was a waste of money and I always made fun of how slow people I knew became when they were high and I refused to want to become that.

After that first joint, I felt my cheeks get tighter and I felt like they were expanding which in return made me feel like my eyes were closing, my feet felt like i had two concrete blocks attached to them but they didn't make me tired when I moved them so I didn't freak out and I noticed for the first time I didn't have a worry in the world and I wasn't experience the pain I was so used to living with. Good old pink kush!

Since then I have smoked consistently, sometimes I take up to 6 months or so off because I just get extremely busy and I get out of the habit of smoking it and because I don't "need" it how I did back then, I am okay with going completely sober at any point but I just find it now makes my time on earth more enjoyable, I enjoy food more, music, movies, shows and being out and about more enjoyable. I have anxiety daily and although weed doesn't cure it completely for me, it helps when I do smoke it or have an edible and I just can't believe I was so ignorant on the subject and now I just use it as a supplement to help inflammation from my training, headaches/migraines which I get from my training sometimes or other factors and most importantly, to SLEEP! My brain goes 1000 miles per hour at night and I can't sleep and in my position in life, I NEED to sleep.

Anyways, that's my story. If anyone read that, congrats to you for reading that novel.


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Smoke it for my plethora of conditions,ADD,Insomnia,Borderline,Anxiety,depression plus all my aches and pains..Makes my life a lot more bearable my previous alcohol addiction make me unscriptable ,even Medical Marijauna programs won't take me so I do it all myself..edibles,concentrates..etc..

so all hail this plant for my day to day..