Grass Station Review

MOM Name: Grass Station

Overall rating out of 10: 9/10

This is a review of the new MOM Grass Station. I ordered from them before 4/20 and meant to get round to writing a review but life got in the way. Overall super happy with my order, which arrived in just two days. High quality products, a wide selection, and I'll definitely be ordering again to try out their new offerings.

Sign Up: Gotta email them with ID and they'll verify you. Quick and easy, no hassle.

Ordering & Pricing: Ordering is really easy. They use a pastebin menu so ordering is done through their email. They only sell HighVoltageExtracts products as most of you probably know. They're hands down the best place to get individual grams of HVE. Other MOMs sell their stuff for $50-$60 but these guys offer it for $30-$35. So it's really a no brainer if you're interested in trying out some premium extracts but don't want to pay $60/g or buy an Oz direct from HVE. They also offer discounts at the 3g and 7g weights

Communication: Quick and easy - They're very quick on email and all it took was 2 emails to get verified and order.

Packaging: Packaging is very straight forward. HVE products come in their own small jars to begin with and these were encased in vacuum sealed plastic plastic within a casing of bubblewrap. No smell.

Products / Photos: Now to the good part. I got 3g of the live resin (Black Lime, Purple White Lightning, Animal Cookies) and 3g of HTSFE (Romulan, Mimosa, Wifi OG)

Romulan, HTFSE:
This has been my first time trying htfse so excuse any noob like comments. The Romulan arrived very crystalized and solid. Looked almost like it had been frozen and is now unable to thaw. The smell on it is incredible - quite uncharacteristic of Romulan I've had in flower form. It gives a strong punch of citrus and tropical fruit - almost passionfruit like. It vapes smooth as anything and tastes delicious. Initially sweet but giving way to that piney flavour that Romulan is known for. Hits hard just like it should and is great for night time use. 8/10

Black Lime, Live Resin:
The consistency of this one is quite chalky - Not quite how I imagined live resin to look. Smell is very nice. Not has hard hitting as some of the others but there's a really pleasant overall smell of lime rind. Working with it is a little difficult to work with due to the fact that it has to be broken up with a dab tool and is prone to 'powdering up' if you work with it too much. Hits very cleanly in my Sai and potency is as you'd expect from live resin. The taste when vaporized mirrors the smells it gives off. Overriding flavour of lime but it's subdued with a semi bitter undertone, which makes 'Black Lime' a very accurate description. This is labelled as an indica-dominant hybrid and provides nice relaxation and sedation. Very easy to smoke and overall enjoyable experience. 8/10

Probably my least favourite of the lot. Still high quality but just isn't my preference. This sauce is far 'weedier' in smell - it has a strong tone of pine in there as well but this is a far more dank sauce. It's a beautiful golden yellow colour, with tiny crystals swimming in the sauce and is quite easy to work with - consistency is very good throughout. It vaporizes clean just like all the rest - all the HVE products pass that test - and tastes like sweet pine, but it just doesn't stand out like some of the others do. It's sativa leaning and delivers a nice clean head high that settles quickly. 7/10

Animal Cookies, Live Resin:
This resin is more traditional in appearance. It's significantly darker than the others, is a toothpaste like consistency, silky, and boasts a nice shine. It's easy to work with and not too sticky on the dab tool which is always appreciated. Not a very complex terpene profile, but gives off a pleasant, mild, piney scent. Unfortunately, the taste is even milder than the scent. It's a pleasant enough smoke, and great potency, but definitely doesn't stand out. That being said, it delivers a nice, balanced effect I look for in a hybrid. 6.5/10

Mimosa, HTSFE:
This is a thinner sauce, lightly crystallized. Never has the name of a strain been more accurate to it's scent. This sauce has a sweet, orange start and settles into champagne-like notes. So delicious that I open it up once in a while just to smell it. It vapourises nicely and the taste doesn't disappoint, highlighting the orange, fruity flavours. The vapour is smooth and light and the high echoes this - being uplifting and creative. There's no feeling of being weighed down and I noticed barely any comedown. My favorite of the lot and one I'm definitely ordering again 9.5/10

Purple White Lightning, Live Resin:
Another live resin with a far more chalky texture. I'd prefer my resin's to come in a texture more like the Animal Cookies reviewed earlier. Even so, the Purple White Lightning is one of my favorites thanks to its complex smell and flavour profile. Me and my girlfriend disagreed non-stop on what the smell reminded us of. She insists on citrus tones, whereas I get a cookie dough type of aroma. Either way, we both love it and have had a lot of trouble rationing it. It's a beautifully clean smoke as with all the other HVE products I reviewed but this resin has a wonderful grounded sweetness to it that makes vapourising it extremely enjoyable. Would definitely recommend 9/10

Incentive for Customers: Free shipping >$200

Incentive for Review: Nope


Re: Grass Station Review

Beautiful pictures. Just a note, I would say live resin has no "normal" appearance, I've had several and they are all very different in texture, some are almost solid, others are almost liquid. Might have to try that Mimosa, looks stunning, wow.

Re: Grass Station Review

xsinx wrote:
Mon May 13, 2019 7:32 pm
Beautiful pictures. Just a note, I would say live resin has no "normal" appearance, I've had several and they are all very different in texture, some are almost solid, others are almost liquid. Might have to try that Mimosa, looks stunning, wow.
Ok true thanks for the heads up. Still very new to all the different types of concentrates so definitely not coming from a place of experience haha.

The mimosa is great though. I don't believe it would disappoint