Grass-Station Live Resin/FSE Sauce review


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Sign up was easy, they answered my emails very quickly

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Ordering was simple, and the price was outstanding!!! HVE has good prices if you buy bulk, I don’t, so the next best option is Grass-Station where you can buy by the gram, or get a discount on multiple grams. You can find HVE concentrates on other sites, but never at these prices!!

Since my purchase, Grass-Station has moved on to a pastebin style of ordering, still very simple!
I picked up my order on April 3rd, but had to take almost a month off from posting/reviewing/smoking(well cut back at least) because my wife and I were expecting our second child!! I see that their current menu doesn’t have some of the product I got, but I’m sure they will have it again at some point! You can use my review for future purchases


Extremely friendly, quick to answer. My order got processed very quickly


I got FSE Sauce, and Live Resin. They all came in the expected HVE containers, all vacuumed sealed inside a Canada Post envelope

Products / Photos:
All products were vaporized on a Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer using both a Titanium Bucket coil, and a Triple Titanium Quartz coil

FSE Sauce - Romulan

One of my all time favourite strains, this is the first time I actually had the chance to try some Romulan concentrate! The flavour really catches you off guard, almost like sweet pine, with a earthy finish with some sour back notes. Being a big fan of this strain I found this sauce to be specially good, with a nice relaxed, sleepy high that will lock you to your couch!! 9/10

FSE Sauce - Blue Cheese

Another favourite of mine, Blue Cheese is always in my stash. The smell is sweet, cheesy, dank. I find most Blue Cheeses are mostly Blueberry with just a very slight hint of cheesiness, but you can taste all the flavours in this sauce! Blueberry is still prominent, but you can definitely get the delicious cheese back note. The high is euphoric, happy, but when I took more I had to sit down, lol. I found this FSE to be specially potent and delicious, and IMO is a 10/10 (This is the first perfect score for anything in my reviews)

Live Resin - Purple White Lightning

I have only had White Lightning before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as flavour profile/high. I was pleasantly surprised with a peppery, earthy flavour with some pine back notes. I even detected a bit of sweet and sour in there, very good! A bit of a creeper, the high is relaxing, happy, almost energetic, good for doing chores around the house

Live Resin - Animal Cookies

This resin has a wonderful colour, with a delicious sweet smell, almost like cookie dough. The flavour is wonderful, earthy, sweet, and the after taste could be cookie dough. When I took my first hit, the high was immediate, straight to my eyes. A happy, relaxed, sleepy feeling took over me, and I had to give in and sit down to watch some TV, a definite re buy, 8.5/ 10

Live Resin - Black Fire

This one blew my mind!! The resin is a beautiful light yellow, with a citrus smell. The flavour is absolutely incredible, I got a burst of orange/lemon, almost sour! As the vapour goes through your lungs a nice sweetness is detected, so it almost reminded me of lemonade!! The after taste is a mild diesel flavour. A happy, relaxed feeling set in, I tried this with my wife (who had been on a 9 month T break 😉) and we both ended up giggling uncontrollably, then we had a nice big lunch, lol! If the high was a bit more potent I would have given this a 10!!

Incentive for Customers:

-save money on single grams of HVE
-an alternative to buying bulk
-sample single grams before placing a big order
-HVE carts are also available
-great customer service
-getting really high

Incentive for Review:

None, just very happy with my order and I’m passing on the word!!!

Thanks for reading! We ended up having a healthy boy!! Cheers everyone!!