Mainland Cannabis Review - May 2019

**MoM/Retailer Name**



Packaged and shipped in a discreet and protective box ensuring all products within remained unscathed and did not emit any marijuana aromas. Two days from BC to Ontario in timely fashion.

**Customer Service**

Very helpful exchanges that were met with nothing but kindness. Made for an easygoing and pleasant ordering experience.

**Alien OG**
Good ol' Alien OG. I've had this strain numerous times this year already as it's become a favorite og. These buds were semi dense and quite sticky, with a very light green appearance and an almost yellowish hue. I've seen these colours for most but not all alien ogs. Also with numerous pale orange hairs giving it a more furry than frosty appearance. Something alien looking about it lol. The smell is very heavy in the pine department with added notes of earth and citrus that remain subtle until ground up. The taste carries over all of this flower's sharp pine flavours with accents of citrus, more specifically lemon. Can be a little strong on the inhale with it's thick smoke so huge tokes aren't suggested. Then again I did smoke this in a bong and not a joint this time. The high is very much focused in the head at first with a spacey stoned feeling. Very cerebral. It eventually permeates throughout the body in the form of a heavy and sedating body buzz that is great for winding down or relaxing.

**Purple Rhino**
I've had White Rhino a couple times but never purple rhino and this easily triumphs over it in my humble opinion. First off, the bag appeal is great, with dark greenish purple nugs and faint orange hairs. The trim is fairly decent with a few purple hued leaves here and there that curl inwards. More on the fluffy side than dense, but not airy. This stuff was super sticky. Like gooey and gummy type sticky but still snaps right off the stem. When ground up it tended to clump. Made for some really slow burning joints. The nose is phenomenal taking an almost sweet-grape juice aroma with sublte notes of musky earthyness. I've never smelled such deep grape notes before, like literal welches grape juice. The taste comes through as well to a lesser extent but especially when vaped, which is where you get the most flavour out of this flower. The high sets in rather quickly with subtle uplifting effects and relaxation. Couch lock can also set in as the high gets stronger and can be sedative. First time in a while i got a legit case of dry mouth.

**Citrus Sunshine Haze**
I'll start by saying that this was one of the more unique and intricate terpene profiles that I have had the pleasure of trying ever. There's only about  4 or 5 strains that I would put in that list. The bud itself is a beautiful and vibrant light green with an abundant amount of healthy looking orange hairs. You can tell this bud is going to be tasty just by looking at it. Quite dense too but not hard and compact but rather sticky and fresh. Still broke off the stem with a crisp snap and ground up decently fluffy despite the stickyness. Wouldn't recommend hand breaking as it would be tedious but that's just me. The smell is so overwhelming and pungent but in the greatest of ways. The first thing I thought about was a fruit punch of sorts but more specifically a citrus based punch. The combination of orange, lemon, and lime is mouth watering and luckily it seamlessly translated over to taste with a subtle peppery tinge. I also detect what might be a slight diesel taste that remains on the pallet after exhaling. Even more so when vaped at a lower temperature for total flavour town. The high was very happy go lucky and relaxing. Hard not to smile and feel positive with the strong waves of uplifting euphoria that seemed to get stronger as the high built up. This was easily my favorite of the bunch and would recommened as a perfect wake and bake smoke.

**Cookies Haze**
This one was a real daytime treat as well. Bag appeal alone was mouth watering. Fluffy and frosty with a great trim and such healthy shades of green with wispy orange hairs. Another grinder clogger, being very sticky to break apart, but not as sticky as the purple rhino. Even though it's called cookies haze there is actually no cookies in it's lineage. It's actually super silver haze x Afhani. The nose on this is peppery and sweet with a familiar haze aroma with added earthy notes. The taste is not so peppery, but more earthy and hash like, assuming it comes from it's Aghani side. It's smoke is thick and creamy and burns a salt and pepper ash, more on the salt side, with the ash falling easily off the joint. The high is very euphoric and heady, almost spacey with higher consumptions, but not too overwhelming. Makes for a creative and productive smoke and I was instantly energized and mentally stimulated after smoking half a gram. Also helped write quite a few reviews!

**Purple Urkle**
Beautiful shades of dark greens with subtle purples underneath a layer of trichomes. A great and precise trim with minimal leaf and the bud is dense and compact. Another sticky and well cured bud that snaps off the stem with an ideal moisture level. The smell is a very appealing combination of earthy and sweet with pungent notes of grapes with a similar musk that I always use black diamond to compare to. It translates very well into taste with a identical combination of earth and sweet grapes. I think this would be classified as a dessert strain and if not it should be lol. Great for evenings and calling it a day as the high it offers is very mellow and calming. Just relaxing the mind and body instantly and putting the senses at ease. You can feel the lazy indica effects start to intensify and take over. It burned slow and smooth in a joint with a very light coloured ash and didn't induce any coughing at all. This and the purple rhino were very similar and equally as tasty.

This is a beautiful and potent representation of the powerful indica, Romulan. Not as dense and tight of a bud structure as other Romulans I've had but more of a fluffier texture. Really sticky to the touch with a healthy amount of trichomes and a great moisture level. The smell is very pungent and dank. Stinks of sweet pine and earth with peppery undertones and a hint of skunk. The taste is also similar with a thick and flavorful smoke that had earthy,pine, and spicy undertones. It's definitely a memorable strain for it's robust smell and taste. Also the high is on another level than most indicas I have tried. Always gives me a very stoney and heavy headed high and this time was no different. Even with a higher tolerance this stuff had me deeply sedated and sleepy after a few bowls. Also tried some in a joint where it smoked smoothly with a very light coloured ash.

**Duke Nukem**
Another strain I've had multiple times lately and it all started with the nostalgic name and an enticing description. Not the best looking in the batch but to be honest it's never been much of a looker in my experience. Small orange hairs that stick out from a light green bud with yellow and slightly brown hues. Similar to the alien og in it's appearance. The buds are quite dense with an average texture not being sticky nor dry. The buds break up nice and fluffy when thrown in the grinder and a small piece goes along way since it's compact. A similar aroma and taste, mostly of sweet berries and pine with floral and diesel-esque notes. Such a powerful and overwhelming smoke that can easily induce coughing so take it easy with this robust sativa. The high compares to most Duke Nukems I've tried, taking effect right after the first hit. Energetic and creative with an uplifting demeanour that makes it an ideal functional wake and bake strain. For someone with a higher tolerance it definitely gets me where I want to be with an obviously stronger edge over most sativas.


Samples were given for unbiased and honest reviews. Take these reviews with a grain of salt as samples could sometimes, but not always, be the better looking buds in the batch. These are my personal opinions on these 7 strains in particular. All were 1-2 grams in size and came in little pill bottles as single nugs.