Emerald Castle

MoM: Emerald Castle Medicinals

This is my second order from them, I forgot to review my first order of Timewreck which was pretty decent. A friend of mines uncle used to grow Nebula and she asked me if I had ever come across it. Just like it was meant to be, a few days later I see it at Emerald Castle and it’s on sale. So we split an oz and I used a 20% coupon on a 1/4 of their Ayahuasca Purple.



I’m glad I ordered this. It’s just like I remember it. Smooth clean burn and a long lasting soaring high. I just smoked 3/4 of a joint and I feel great. My friend is equally happy and says it’s awesome gaming weed lol.

Ayahuasca Purple

I have been eyeing this up for awhile, decided to used a coupon and try it finally. Nice looking fuzzy little nugs. Slight fruity nose but the flavour comes through in the smoke well. Spicy grapes is what I taste, very thick smoke but smooth. This stuff packs a punch, not as long lasting as the Nebula but a very euphoric soaring high.

Re: Emerald Castle

JBC wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:48 pm
ECM was my first mom and I remember really liking the flower at the time. I’d like to give them another shot sometime as it seems their quality is still solid! Good review.
If I didn’t have so much weed and some more on the way I would totally be getting their Headbanger as it’s 35% off right now. Also 20% off non sale items right now.