Canna Wholesalers Review

MOM Name Canna Wholesalers

Overall rating out of 10: 9/10

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Ordering & Pricing: I ordered on a Monday and it was confirmed delivered by Canada post on Wednesday. Overall everything was very speedy. I ordered more expensive products but there was a discount for 2 ounces 25% and 3 ounces 35% which I took advantage of.

Communication: I have not needed to contact them yet, my orders have had the correct products and weights.

Packaging: Everything was received in a smell-proof bag with no oder detectable. I received kief and flower samples on all of my orders.

Products / Photos:
Granddaddy Purple (AAAA): Large dense buds with slight purple spots that when busted release a slight grape smell. It smoked a little harsh and I much preferred using it in a vaporizer, there is a nice berry/grape taste when vaping it. Its been my go to strain to use to relax before bed, it get me nice and relaxed with out couch lock.

Purple Space Cookies (AAAA): Medium sized extremely purple buds with slightly orange hairs. The flower is extremely smooth when smoked with a nice grape/earthy taste that was even more enhanced with vaped. Its a nice hybrid that I was able to smoke during the day without worrying about getting couch locked, I will definitely be ordering PSC again.

Incentive for Customers: They often offer coupon codes for new and returning customers.

Incentive for Review: Yes, discount code

Notes: Only sell in 1gram, ounce or larger.