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Alien OG x Skywalker AAA Hybrid Indica Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5

It's hard to judge moms because there's no real brand for each bud and it varies mom to mom. This hybrid indica of thc UP TO (but prob not exactly) 28%, and priced at 190 / o it wasn't cheap but hopefully was strong. The AAA rating was also pretty honest which I think is the only thing you can really judge whether it was worth the money. Probably because we kept it so dry in a jar there wasn't much smell to it (was dry) but I'm pretty sure that was our fault waiting for so long. The bud itself was a good mix of red hair to bud, a bit leafy (maybe could be a better trimmed) but overall very airy and light despite it being dense. Instead when we ground it up we got a much stronger aroma... Got a nice dark, diesel smell with a tad bit of pine. We've seen this before at other moms before and I would describe the coffee for pot; you can enjoy it for a while but its def a taste once a day for the flavor kinda thing. In the vape it was just like how it smelt; very diesely, a bit soapy / aromatic, overall very nice dark (coffee?-like) taste. Enjoyable for sure. Unfortunately was a bit harsh while smoking perhaps could be remedied with some better trimming, but burnt a nice WHITE ash ... which was complemented with a nice head-strong, visual, energetic effect. Creative not social and a bit of a couch lock, perhaps good if you have to sit at a computer for a while. The effects creep up and kick in strong about 5 minutes with a consistent peak, even outdid previous stuff that we smoked. If it wasn't for the harshness I would give it 5/5 but I think 4 would suffice ... otherwise it matches the stated AAA, tasted nice, was strong, and looked pretty good. Maybe try to get it cheaper, bundled in smaller amounts as usually is the best way to see if its your thing.

Re: Alien OG x Skywalker AAA Hybrid Indica Review [The High Club]

dbud wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:51 am
My Alien OG x Skywalker ounce smelled like piss and must when I got it. From an order a week ago. It doesn't look much like yours either, mine's light green. Weird. I was happy/impressed with the rest of the order though. Sad my Alien didn't turn out like yours. Great review :)
Same, mine had a much greener color, and very sour smell. Not quite piss smelling, but definitely a sour alien flavor.

I was a little disappointed in my sample, not incredibly underwhelmed, but this one looks nice.

Nice review though mcmaxx, that closeup quality is amazing.

Re: Alien OG x Skywalker AAA Hybrid Indica Review [The High Club]

Hey all,

my first post. Been smoking for over 20yrs and was excited to try some of these MOM's based on reviews I've seen here. This strain got my attention so I decided to jump in and give it try. Unfortunately I was not very impressed. The buds looked great, but they have a terrible smell and taste like crap when you smoke it. High is okay, but I was expecting something a lot more. The other thing I noticed was the amount of leaf still on buds which I'm sure contributes to the bad taste when smoking it. Even after trying to remove as many leafs as I can, the taste is still pretty awful.

Purchasing experience was nice and their Maui Waui Diamonds were great. I'm just not sure I trust their descriptions after making this purchase. I may give them another try for flower, but would definitely return for some more of their OG Diamonds.

That's it for now!