Gas Gardens - Multiple Strains - Early April

MOM Name Gas Garden - gasgarden2.0 insta or ggcans on reddit

Overall rating out of 10:8.5

Sign Up:none

Ordering & Pricing:They sent their menu, I made my choice, sent an etransfer. Pricing is fair for the quality of the product

Communication:Quick responses, very pleasant to deal with

Packaging:4 stacked cans, vacuum sealed with carboard wrapped around. Excellent.

Products / Photos:Ghost Train Haze is in my top 3 of favorite sativas I've ever smoked. Clean burn to a light-grey smooth ash, lemon and earth on the nose, a little sourness in the taste, very nice. It's a creeper, 5 minutes after I finished the joint, I was hit like a truck by energy and euphoria. Perfect for social settings and good conversations.
Pink Gas, dear lord this is a smooth smoke. Clean white ash, nice sweet taste, and it does it's job, which is knocking me out before bed. Classic pink aroma and flavor profile. Trim is a little rough, but mostly they are sugar leaves that are nicely coated in trichs.
Watermelon, fucked up shape of buds, as per usual, and nicely coated. Amazimg nose, probably the best smelling of this strain I've ever had. Smokes a little rough, but very flavorful. That being said, I ground this up with my fingers pretty large, it will most likely burn a lot smoother once it's ground up properly. Very nice functional indica buzz.
Bluefin Tuna is a winner as well. Nice easy aroma, probably a placebo effect but for some reason I smell some faint algae. Very "organic" smelling. Big couch-lock but not quite sleep-enducing. Nicely coated, and excellent cure.
Purple God, purple and trich-coated to the core of the bud. Nice and flavorful, this had a distinct acidity to the smell which I'll compare to a bottle of red wine sitting open on a counter for a few hours. Nice clean smoke, and a nice hybrid buzz, minimal couch-lock.
Incentive for Customers:Very fair pricing for the quality.

Incentive for Review:I asked them if they were up for a review, they sent in a few samples

Notes:Excellent price point, for those looking to dabble in craft cannabis, to have a few cans for their stash, can't go wrong. 8.5/10 for me, AAAA-

Re: Gas Gardens - Multiple Strains - Early April

Anderson30h6 wrote:
Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:11 am
Oh wow bottle of wine sitting on the counter for a while... I am now craving that exact taste for some weird pregnant craving my wife would say haha except for cannabis and not food EDIT: I like a lot of purple strains hence commenting about the purple god and taste etc...
It surprised me in terms of smell/taste as well, in a good way. I had a little bit of that "sour" effect on the sides of the mouth while puffing. I've had better in terms of potency, but it's still faily powerful.

Re: Gas Gardens - Multiple Strains - Early April

Keyll wrote:
Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:53 pm
I got that Ghost Train Haze too... it's special, a real overall winner. :D I'd highly recommend that particular strain myself, though their Blue Fin Tuna is also quite nice, the GTH really impressed me. Beautiful photo of the Purple God.
Oh this GTH is going to be a regular in my stash for sure. I had heard good things about the Lemon Pie as well, but didnt pull the trigger. Thanks btw, I still need some better lighting imo