MMJDirect Review - April 2019

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Shipped in a quick 2 days from BC to Ontario in a small and discreet little box. Everything was protected within, vacuum sealed, and individually labeled. No squashed product or marijuana odor.
Order of pictures are in order of the reviews. Krazy Glue, Master Kush, Sunkiss CBD - bottom right.


**Krazy Glue**

The buds of this Krazy Glue were beautifully impressive. With a long and skinny, but full, bud structure. Dense and covered in trichomes making it quite sticky. Very light green in appearance carrying over some of those gorilla glue genes. The smell and taste upon grinding it are a mix of fruity and earthy with sweet pine undertones. I love this flavour profile and like the description said if you love gg4, which I do, then this Krazy Glue is a similar smoke. Found the high to be quite sativa leaning with it's mellow and uplifting characteristics and a calming body buzz. Good for mornings and afternoons but one of those strains that can be smoked whenever really. I really enjoyed this one.

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**Master Kush**

Always loved this strain and I swear by it for headaches. Has helped me on numerous occasions. Also for getting a nice heavy sleep inducing high on before bed. Has a sweet and earthy aroma with pungent and dank gassy undertones. Translates well into taste with a heavy and creamy smoke that is smooth on the exhale. The buds are dense and frosty with a very resinous and sticky texture when handling them. Probably the best and most notable master kush I've had in ages with a potent and effective high.

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**Sunkiss CBD**

This strain was so tasty and great for wake and bakes. It will still get you slightly high though having an 8% thc 12% cbd ratio. Very functional and uplifting and the cbd helps with minor aches and pains and just adds to the general feel good effects of this strain. Gives a boost of energy too. The smell and taste are very sweet and citrus dominant, more specifically like ripe oranges with fresh pine undertones. Long and wispy, vibrant orange hairs across light green buds, that are quite frosty, and sticky to the touch. A bit of a fluffier, but tight structure, with uniformally cone shaped nugs. Can't stop smelling this stuff as it's more candy like than weed lol.

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**Final Notes**

This is my 2nd order and it's very obvious these guys have great flower! I couldn't be happier with the 3 strains the very kind Brian recommended me before placing an order. The flower has always been fresh, sticky, and terpy, and it looks and smokes like it was grown with care and patience. Clean burning flower all around with healthy appearances and trim jobs.