Cheebas - gelato sift hash - may 2019

very smooth, nice hybrid high. easy to break off but then its the consistency of kief, cant put it back together well after (as expected for sift hash) so its perfect for joint roller and pipe/bong but less for bottle toke. Burn well and easy to start going, barely touch it with the flame and it start burning quick. I love this consistency and the way it burn for pipe hit. This one is the one that have the weakest taste of the 4 i tried. taste is good just not strong. Smell amazing tho first time having gelato and i cant wait to try the flower version or live resin of it. good product i would be happy if i bought only that but the 3 other are better imo (king crown>bc premo>hannibal nectar>gelato sift) all these are high quality product. i didint try that much, but its definitly better than the others 15$/g MOM hash i tried.

taste : AA+
effect : AAA+
how it burn : AAAA

Re: Cheebas - gelato sift hash - may 2019

barcodekilla wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 4:59 pm
at least we know cheebas is not paying for fake reviews hahahaha no samples cheeby
hahah yeah cheebas always say no on discord for everybody that ask for free stuff. Even the "biggest members" so i can asume all his review are legit. they were almost all overweight tho and came with a lighter and filter paper and the product were great, thats all i could ask!