Pink Frost Hybrid Review | 6ixpensary | Apr 2019


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[6ixpensary] Pink Frost Hybrid Review | 4.6/5

Another 'Pink' strain which, from what I heard, is supposed to be quite stronger in strength based on the genetics. This one claims to be up to 26% THC but hard to tell as usually those aren't based on any tests.

Upon opening it up we get a very DIESEL, GASSY, slight hints of sweetness. The gassy smell is pretty common but it's nice to come across it when its extra strong and the dominant scent.

The bud structure has that 'foxtail' look (buds look like hands) and has a nice assortment of long red hairs, darker leaves, some purple, and pockets of frosty THC especially around the corners. This unique bud structure we've seen from Broken Coast, HSP, etc and have always turned out to be top notch. Due to the unique shape I can understand why these particular buds were a bit smaller shaped. Also due to the shape you get crystals all the way to the core and it doesnt change color or get more leafy/less crystally. This consisten THC and color guarantees a stronger high.

Even cracked open the bud still maintains a very GASSY, DIESEL, smell, but now the only difference is my fingers are extra sticky to each other (a nice surprise).

Grinding it up yields a lot lighter overall color, lots of crystals, red hairs, but very very sticky. Was actually hard to grind up and maintains that stickiness (to my hands and each other) when squeezed. The smell once again is VERY gassy, diesel. No pine, no sweetness, nothing but gas and diesel. The smell is beginning to lean toward 'fishy' smell which we've seen with the other gassy strains like Blue Tuna.

From the vaporizer the taste was strong, consistent, and there throughout the entire session. Lower temps was a baked goods / bread / non-sweetened cookie taste (185) and after letting it vape in the chamber for a while, we got hit HARD with that gassy diesel flavor. It was quite bitter which was consistent with drinking coffee with that bitter aftertaste. Even though the flavor wasn't my favorite it was important to note for those diesel enthusiasts. Cranking it up to 195 yielded a more fishy taste but still quite gassy and bitter, Although not the most unique of flavors quite strong overall.

After burning it from the pipe we have a light to dark grey ash. The smoking experience was quite smooth, with a strong diesel flavor the entire burn and def. there. The effects were euphoric, relaxed, good-mood, no anxiety. A good bud to even share with friends or guests while chilling and relaxing. Usually theres couch lock or laziness but this one def leans more sativa and gives you just enough energy to keep going.

Overall impressed with the bud through looks/shape, smell/taste (tho not the most unique), and the smooth, tasty blaze. Overall 'Pink' strains seem to be living up to their rep