SUPHERBS reviewed by TRACKER420


Received Free 6.05 grams sample strains for review.
Contacted mom thru thread on canadianmom and was excepted to write review on mom/strains.
Packaging was tough to get into, no smell, tissue paper and packing paper, lighter , stickers.
labels were nice but I need them to pop more so easier to read in my containers
I find it bothersome, reviews are disabled on moms site. I am a Indica only lover.. was mentioned.
**THANK YOU so very much SUPHERBS for this opportunity, much appreciated!!**

Gods Green Crack 8 - [email protected] - does have a nice sheen/look, Hands down best strain out of the four.
A real nice representative of ggc, nice indica high I never got from this strain before, tastes like afghani/hashy hint of ggc.
Love Potion #1 7.5 - [email protected] - some crumbling with min. handling. Exhale (sativa) taste,
high is nice and does help with anxiety.
Pineapple Express 6.5 - [email protected] - fuggly the way a sativa should look, picture on mom site not a representative of sample.
Something didnt jive with me with this strain/grow I rate this below other PE I've tried. jittery increased anxiety and unpleasant high to me.
Zombie Kush 6.5 - [email protected] - initially looks great, glue like high/taste/smell. Wanted to like, decent.
sup package.jpg
Outside Package
ind pack.jpg
Inside Package
Gods Green Crack
ggc (2).jpg
Gods Green Crack
Love Potion #1
love potion #1.jpg
Love Potion #1
Pineapple Express
pe w.jpg
Pineapple Express
Zombie Kush
zombie (2).jpg
Zombie Kush

Re: SUPHERBS reviewed by TRACKER420

xsinx wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 2:25 pm
Weird am I seeing this well? Does that pineapple have purple hues? Never seen that from that strain ever. Just looked at my pics from the same strain/mom and it really looks nothing like yours. Labelling error maybe?
color was very nice, yes purple, pretty sure this is pineapple express had this strain 5 times from other moms