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Overall rating out of 10:
10/10 why because they always throw goodies in to every order since I started ordering, service is great there like high end department store.

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easy, email its really worth it to sign up than they have your email and are able to contact you if you wanna try sample pre-rolls and edibles

Ordering & Pricing:
fair, I got a OZ for 170 of the ghost train plus couple nugz of the blue dream to try as its there newest feature and let me tell you I already ordered. I like quality smoke. Plus they always tend to give me discounts on every order since im a regular no complaints here. 9/10

stacey is fast, she caters to to customers needs and wants. 10/10

Orderless bag plus in a Box. So the leaf is secure.

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Ghost Train- FAT NUGZ, crystals take a look at my pic. One of the most intense strains. This strain is not for the novice Toker; after all, Ghost Train Haze was named the "Most Potent Strain on earth" and trust me this is one of exclusives specialities. I pretty sure its there most popular strain all the reviews Ive read on this MOM claim this is there famous strain. I like the citrusy smell its burns almost pure white clean as it comes. helps my depression hence why I like ordering online I don't need the world to know. It makes me feel good simple high last a couple hours, I take a few tokes in the morning than evening the THC level on this usually 30% in my opinion its pretty intense.

Incentive for Customers:
Write a review send them a link 5 dollars off for each review. up to 20 dollars off a month.

Incentive for Review:
5 dollars off but I would have given them one anyways its hard to find a good mom that cares about there clients and wants to help. not just there taking orders and no responding to our concerns.

Only thing I would say they need edibles, and maybe a few more strains; however I think they base there site on exclusivebud they carry quality strains highs that last more than a hour, so its worth your money to buy a ounce it'll last you a long time you really dont need to more than a few tokes especially this blue dream they sent me i still have half a joint I should have taken a pic of the fat pre-roll i have half left but its not picture worthy! over all I love you exclusivebud!
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Usually I get extra grams of other strains and always one or two free pre rolls of the strain of my choice I always let stacey know what I would like to try and she always adds goodies to my order that being said, I have been ordering from them since January so the perks of being a loyal customer def helps!